Stressed out over your research articles? This copy covers the basic steps of writing a research article. Follow these religiously and youll surely find this task a lot easier.

1. Choose subjects that youre most passionate about. First thing to do is to identify the link between the class that youre taking and the things that you find very interesting. Back in college, I was asked to do a research paper about human behavior. As I was very interested in gadgets and new technology back then, I wrote about the effect of new technologies on the way people interact with other people. This subject surely made the whole thing not only easier but enjoyable as well.

2. Write a strong thesis statement. What is it that youre trying to prove? To make your research paper stand out from the rest, I recommend that you make your thesis statement attention-grabbing. You can challenge a common belief, find an unlikely connection, etc.

3. Research your chosen topics. Go to your local library and read as many books as possible that are related to your chosen subject. You can also use the internet but make sure that the information you gather are factual. It will also help if you consult the experts in your chosen field. Your research paper will sound more convincing if you interview those people who are considered authorities in the topics that youre discussing.

4. Deliver what you have promised. Its important that you stand by your thesis statement. If you promised that youre going to establish the connection between todays technology with the changing behavior of the youth, you better do so otherwise, nobody will take your research article seriously.

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Research Article Writing – Latest 4 Basic Steps in Writing a Research Article That Rocks